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Bryan Beavers

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Approach & Goals

Bryan Beavers Custom Homes produces some truly great custom work for homes. We wanted to create an elegant way for projects to be shown off where the focus was on the work. We knew from the beginning that we wanted this design to really shine on every device so along with our plans to make the site responsive we also planned to specifically optimize the site for screens with super high resolutions.

What We Learned

Even though the design was more  focused on the content we put an emphasis during development to keep the site lightweight and easy to use for the client. We implemented a custom post type to make it very easy to add and manage the projects on the site. It was really fun to make the site adjust to the screen size of different devices like phones and tablets. It was important that this site looked fantastic on every screen, but not just do to the screen size but rather the screens resolution as well. Implemented for every core theme image was an image that is also exactly double. This means that when you view this site on a screen with a high resolution such as an iPhone or iPad the images are crystal clear instead of being blurry like most sites.

Skills & Tech