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TEEM – 201 Dreams

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Approach & Goals

The Education and Employment Ministry (TEEM) is a great organization that focuses on giving second chances. Along with the continuos work they do to help those who were previously incarcerated transition back into the real world through education and job placement programs, they recently launched a more specific campaign. The 201 Dreams campaign focuses on people that they have worked with and highlights each persons specific dream while giving someone the ability to contribute to that dream right away.

From the beginning of this project the focus needed to remain on each dream. We wanted the user to easily be able to navigate the dreams, find out more, and then make a donation if they felt compelled. One goal/challenge for the site was to setup a lot of content in a way that didn’t make the user click around a lot, but also not be super overwhelming.

What We Learned

We put in a lot of time and effort with this site, and we are very pleased with the results. When you visit the site you get the strong design and are immediately presented with potential dreams you can help to make come true. We were able to create a site that can be filled with 201 dreams, but make it easy for both the site administrator and the end user to find and learn more about these dreams.

The backend of the site makes it easy to add dreams to the site as well as add the other information found throughout. The site looks great on every device and also those with high resolution screens like an iPhone or iPad.

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Skills & Tech