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Wine & Palette

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Approach & Goals

What a cool concept…drink wine and paint at the same time. Wine & Palette offers a unique experience in multiple states and has lots of users. The idea with a refresh was to give them a modern site that their users could easily find information about classes and manage their art. We were tasked with creating the responsive front end of this data driven site and also developing the skin to be used for the back end management system. Wine & Palette was getting a fresh coat of paint inside and out (see what we did there?) .

What We Learned

The scale of this site was something that needed to be accounted for from the very beginning. Not only was there a lot of types of data that could be manipulated through the site there was going to be a lot of images loaded on different pages as well. During development we worked hard to make sure the site stayed as light as possible and accounted for unforeseen uses outside of the design mockup. We gave form inputs a custom look that fit with the site and put a significant amount of time into making the site respond well to different screen sizes. Regardless if you look at this site on your desktop, iPhone, or iPad the site works well and you do not lose any functionality you may have on a larger screen.

Skills & Tech