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We Don’t Build Websites

Wait what? You’re a web company that doesn’t build websites? That makes no sense.

You’re right it doesn’t, but let us explain.

The Quote Request

Often times when potential clients come to us and request a quote, or inquire about the services we offer, they want us to present a proposal to build them a website. Most requests we receive usually start or end with the question of “What do you charge to build a website?”. It would be easy for us to dissect all of the work we have done over the years in order to quickly provide an answer to this question, but again I repeat we don’t build websites.

Why Do You Need A Website?

The reason we do what we do is because we believe that we have the skills to truly elevate a prospects business with our expertise. We don’t like to work in a production line format where we just turn out project after project so what we are after is the real reason as to why you came to us and inquired about a new website in first place.

We ask the question in order to learn more about your business and where it is at. Your answer to the question is certainly not “Because we just want to spend money on a new website”, but rather something like the following:

It’s these real reasons that we are after, and it’s these real answers that get us excited to work together.

We Don’t Build Websites…We Build Relationships

You go to the doctor when you are sick because they are the expert. They have the training and experience to diagnose you and then prescribe a treatment plan to make you feel better. While we certainly aren’t doctors we do have the training and experience to work with your business to craft a plan that will accomplish your goals. We prefer to work one on one with our clients so we can craft a custom plan of action to move them closer to what they want to accomplish. Of course this typically includes the building of a website, but often times the end result is different than if we just built what they asked for out of the gate.

Consult, Plan, Execute

Our process is pretty simple. We ask the questions necessary to find out what you and your business is really after and consult with you on potential ways to accomplish that. We use our skillset and experience to plan a course of action that pushes the project in the right direction to reach those goals. Lastly we execute that plan and measure the results. It’s important for both you and us to know where the results are at and adjust accordingly.

You Don’t Need A Website

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend or how great your new website looks. If it wasn’t built with purpose behind it then it was a poor investment of your time and money. Often times we can take the investment that a business put into a fresh new website and get them actual the results they are after for less money. A website is usually only one part of the larger plan and should not be the end all be all that brings success to your business.

If working towards specific goals with a plan sounds good then get in touch! We get excited about partnering with businesses to help them reach specific goals and invest their money wisely.

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