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WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) on the web right now, powering nearly 20% of the web (yes the entire internet!). WordPress is chosen by designers, developers, businesses, artists, and so many others each day because of it’s ease of use and versatility. We believe in developing on WordPress because it makes our clients life easier and puts as much, or as little, control as they want in their hands. Ongoing maintenance of a website can be costly depending on how frequent you update your website, but WordPress can give you the opportunity to manage things on your own.

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Custom WordPress Themes

You can buy WordPress themes all over the internet on theme marketplaces and from individual sellers, and can even find many free ones. Heck, we even sell a premium WordPress theme. The benefit of having WeDoDev create a custom theme for you is we don't push you into any box.

Every theme that we develop is custom to you and your needs. This gives both you and us the freedom needed to make something that is just amazingly easy to use because it is only for you. All the details are based on your needs. Having a custom solution created just for you helps you elevate your efforts and easily sets you apart from those who bought a theme that 1000's of others have purchased too.


  Theme Name: Your Name Here
  Description: A custom theme
  Author: WeDoDev
  Version: 1.0
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WordPress Customization & Setup

Theme Customization

Since WordPress is so popular there is a large community of developers for it that produce some really amazing themes that can be purchased for a relatively small amount. Of course the downside is that the theme was developed for general use. There may be things you want customized such as adding your own logo, changing colors throughout the site, or some other minor little tweaks.

We can take all of the things you would like to change about your WordPress theme and do all of it for you. Often times installing a theme and just making it live is not enough. We can help you make the changes you want and help you make choices of what would be a good change and what may not need to be changed.

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WordPress is famous for their 5 minute install process and rightfully so. Installing WordPress is not terribly difficult, but if the words database and table prefix sound foreign to you it can be confusing. Not only can we install WordPress on your web server, but we can also make sure that the install is secure and protected against hackers trying to bring your site down. During the setup we will install and setup for you the most popular WordPress plugins that can take your site to the next level to make it work faster, easier, and come up higher up in search engines like Google.

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